Hello Friends, I Have Moved Blogs!!
◕‿◕ ✿ UGU

1. First impression:

Wow….that Gamzee is so cool….wowwow- that’s so cool. WOW. WOW.

That was basically me at Fanexpo as I walked around the table and tried to decide weather to talk to you or not. You were sitting in Caitlin’s lap and it was just really cute, ok? I didnt talk to you then though- but you guys came with me when I went to the washroom to wash my paint off. We talked about you and Cait and it was just really adorable and I remember thinking “Wow, I want something like that, that’d be so rad”- and you just kept getting cooler and cooler and then I was sorta dying becuase OMG HOW CAN I BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE THAT BAD ASS?

2. Truth is:

I’m glad you are my friend? I’ve only known you for a few months- but I’m really glad your around, and that you accepted me into your cosplay shananigans. Who else would I go langerie shopping with? Team Tease, bro, Team Tease.

3. How old do you look:

17 /18 :3

4. Have you ever made me laugh:

Oh my god. YES!? Wow. Like. Every time we hang out.

5. Have you ever made me mad:

I think maybe once or twice? But that’s normal. I wouldn’t even call it anger, more like a “Lolwat…Guuuurrrllll”. If bro’s didn’t get like that sometimes- they wouldn’t really be bro’s :3

6. Best feature:

Your height. I just….So jealous of your height. And your hair…ahh…sometimes I miss having long hair? Haha.

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

Nope. Your my bro, I can’t crush on a bro xD

8. You’re my:


9. Name in my phone:


10. Are you super awesome?

Of course :3